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This is a reminder to submit nominations for executive positions by April 12th to Barbara Vilbig at dallas.swe@gmail.com.  See brief descriptions of the portions at the prior post here.

In addition, call for interest for those who may be interested in helping with the formation of a Dallas SWE Board of Trustees to manage the Dallas SWE investment account. The duties of the Treasurer are two-fold and it would be more feasible for the Treasurer to focus more on the section operating budget rather than the investment strategy and scholarship management if there was a Board of Trustees.  The formation committee would compile best practices from other SWE sections with similar organizational structures. For example, the Houston BOT is responsible for managing the investment account of the SWE Houston Section and reporting annually to the SWE Houston Executive Board how much interest income is available for them to use. They typically meet two to three times per year, so the time commitment is minimal. With this setup, it gives members who may be too busy with other things a way to stay involved, and also ensures there is some continuity with the investment strategy as well as multiple people to discuss the investment strategy. Please e-mail dallas.swe@gmail.com if you are interested.

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