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Sheri Jenkinson on "Why Women are the Glue"

Sheri Jenkinson on “Why Women are the Glue”

Last night, September 16, Dallas SWE had our first meeting of FY14, and it was a great time! Twenty attendees mingled, networked, and dined at the Coffee House Cafe.  Dallas SWE President Jennifer Vilbig gave us a quick update on section business, upcoming events, and opportunities to volunteer as an officer or committee chair. Then, guest speaker Sheri Jenkinson, of Ipseity Coaching and Consulting, enlightened us as to why “Women are the Glue” that holds teams together.  She discussed the theory of right-brain versus left-brain dominance and how, in general, women are naturally wired to foster empathy, connectivity, and collaboration between individuals working as a team.  These traits are why women, and especially women in technology, are often indispensable as leaders in logistics, creative problem-solving, and people-management.  Sheri encouraged us to identify and improve on our strengths to fully maximize our influence within our own teams.

Great group at our September Speaker Meeting!

Great group at our September Speaker Meeting!

Check out our Twitter @SWEDallas for some key takeaways, authored by our section’s Secretary, Morgan Schroder.  Sheri Jenkinson is also an avid Tweeter, so check her out as well if you like!

Thanks to everyone who joined us & please remember to RSVP for the mosaic craft networking night coming up on this Saturday!

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