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When you renew your SWE membership (or join for the first time!) you stay connected with a global professional network of 27,000 enthusiastic, like-minded women engineers, as well as professional development resources that your fellow members consistently rate as “excellent.”  You also get discounts on Dallas SWE registration fees for paid events!

You’ll continue to have access to colleagues around the world who are ready to provide support, guidance, and mentorship–the kind of support that will help you succeed professionally and personally.  And our accredited educational resources are invaluable tools designed to advance your career, i.e., enhancing leadership skills, career transition guidance, engineering career options, etc.

Strengthen your real-life social network and succeed on your own terms.  Renew with SWE: the engineering society that focuses on the discipline of personal success–however you define it.

Your FY14 membership expires Jun 30, 2014.  Log in to the Member Services site now to renew for FY15 and confirm your contact information.  In addition to the 1-year renewal, there are also 2-year and 3-year renewal options.  Visit the “Discounted Membership” link on the Member Services page before renewal to determine your eligibility for reduced dues.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact SWE HQ for additional support.

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