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The IBM Global Solution Center located in Coppell, TX graciously hosted the Dallas SWE March 2016 professional meeting. The evening of March 15th started out with networking and light appetizers. Cindy O’Shea, Director of the Global Solution Center welcomed over 30 members of SWE to IBM. Cherrie Fisher, Executive Vice President of SWE Dallas facilitated the business meeting and introduced the speaker of the evening IBM Distinguished Engineer & Master Inventor Romelia Flores. Romelia’s presentation was titled Welcome to the Cognitive Era!

Romelia FloresThis discussion will review capabilities required to drive innovative cognitive applications such as cloud infrastructure, cognitive application services, natural language interpretation, cross industry partnerships and the internet of things. Ms. Flores talked about cognitive computing (systems that learn and reason from their interactions with us and from their experiences with their environment) and introduced Dallas SWE to Watson! She also encouraged attendees to mentor young people to use their unique perspectives and experiences to invent the next generation of social, business, and education tools. You can view Romelia’s presentation slides here.

Watson is a tech platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data. In 2011, Watson was featured on the popular television show Jeopardy. Romelia recreated that event by allowing Dallas SWE members to play a simulated version of Jeopardy with “Watson.” Winners received adorable IBM bear stuffed animals!

IBM uses cognitive application services, natural language interpretation, industry partnerships and cloud computing to drive innovation across multiple industries (healthcare, communications, education, travel and many more). Thanks to IBM’s Global Solution Center, Cindy O’Shea, and Romelia Flores for their continued support of Dallas SWE.



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