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On July 21, Dallas SWE members and friends met at the Coffee House Cafe to view some of the fantastic webinars available through SWE’s Advance Learning Center and discuss what we learned as a group!

We showed two webinars at this meeting that were originally a part of SWE’s 2016 Online Event: Success Redefined, Find Your Best Life. The first webinar highlighted strategies to identify and maximize activities that are life necessities and passions, while minimizing or outsourcing demotivating tasks. The second introduced some practical tools to organize and prioritize your emails, task lists, and projects.

“Work Life Balance for Everyone” with Shannon Vittur

Work-Life Balance? Work-Life Integration? Work-Life Effectiveness?  No matter what you call it, the topic is everywhere – in the media, in professional books, and in any article on women in the workplace.  Most of the focus outside of work centers on family demands, particularly as it relates to raising children.  This leaves a “forgotten” segment…the millions of people in the workforce who do not not have the daily demands of managing a family. However, work-life balance is just as important for individuals in this group – it just may look a little different.  In this session, we will discuss strategies and tactics to effectively manage your work and home life to make sure you achieve the balance that is appropriate for you…no matter what your situation. By the end of the session, participants will be able to deploy tools and ideas to achieve greater work life satisfaction.

“Feeling Over Scheduled and Overworked? Use These Tools to Manage Your Time” with Nadia Bess

You want it all. Career. Family. Friends. SWE. With so many demands and so little time, it’s hard to feel in control among the chaos.  During this webinar, you will learn how to use a variety of new tools, programs, and apps to gain control of your time.  We will teach you how to manage your daunting inbox and optimize your schedule using a variety of new services. Watch how your happiness increases as you begin to achieve the important goals in your life!By the end of the session, participants will be able to identify tools that will make you more effective at managing your time and master how to use these tools to allow more success in your professional and personal life.

In addition to some great small-group discussions on how we plan to implement new strategies in our own lives, each attendee was encourage to fill out a Values Assessment Worksheet to better focus their priorities and passions. The SWE Advance Learning Center has hundreds of live and recorded webinars on file, most of which are FREE to SWE Members! Visit www.swe.org to renew your membership for FY17 and check out these benefits and more while you’re there! If you renew by June 30 you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card!

At the end of our meeting, FY16 Dallas SWE President took a moment to thank the outgoing officers for our FY16 fiscal year and introduce the members of our FY17 leadership team in attendance.  She also reminded us to take the Dallas SWE FY16 feedback survey: we want to hear how we can serve our members better in the greater Dallas area! If you weren’t able to join us, you can view the meeting agenda here.

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