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Cisco Systems in Richardson hosted a joint meeting between Dallas SWE, Women Advancing Technology Together (WATT), Cisco, and Ericsson on Tuesday, July 19th. The room was completely full of women from diverse industries and backgrounds leading to excellent networking opportunities and connections.


After overviews and introductions of the organizations that made this joint event possible, the guest speaker Vidya Krishnan was introduced. Vidya, the head of Learning Services Ericsson, challenged attendees to consider if we have what it takes in takes in 2016 to unleash our full potential to realize our vision for 2020. Her talk, “Mission Z: Rogue Generation; Empowering Yourself with 2020 Vision” provided insightful and thought-provoking observations about the implications of our increasingly connected world and the companies that are breaking the mold. In addition she discussed the skills that we should strive for in ourselves and that we should look for in those we hire to our companies.



Thank you to Sheri Jenkinson, founder of WATT, Ericsson, and Cisco for their contributions to this successful event. Thank you also to our guest speaker Vidya Krishnan for inspiring and challenging all of us!



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