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On Nov, 14, the Dallas  SWE chapter hosted a meeting at Parr Library and watched a webinar called, “The Lies of the Impostor Complex, Disarming the Critics, the Power of Your Authority and the Support All Around you,” by  Tanya Geisler.  In the webinar Tanya discussed:

  1. The 12 lies of the Impostor Complex and their corresponding truths.
  2. Learning how to identify techniques for how to deal with critics.
  3. Learning how to identify how to connect deeply with your authority.
  4. Learning how to assemble support structures.

During the webinar the attendees discussed some of their experience with Impostor Complex and how they learned to overcome it.  You can view this recorded webinar, its predecessor, “The 12 lies of the Impostor Complex,” and many others at the SWE Advance Learning Center. These resources are FREE to SWE Members!

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