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On Tuesday, March 18, thirty Dallas SWE members and guests gathered at Abbot Diagnostics in Irving to meet and hear from Cary Broussard, author of From Cinderella to CEO, How to Master the 10 Lessons of Fairy Tales to Transform Your Work Life.  

Attendees mingled with each other and Cary and enjoyed a selection of salads, pizzas, and desserts.  Later, Cary began her presentation by introducing herself to the group, recounting a brief history of her experience as an executive in various roles at Wyndham Hotels where she was in charge of deploying a new marketing and branding campaign incorporating feedback from a key group of consumers: women business travelers.  She now owns a consulting company, Broussard Global, which serves clients in the areas of diversity inclusion, brand management, and public relations.

Cary then gave several examples of historic and modern fairy tale characters to illustrate that although the identification of particular characters may change over time, fairy tales are universal across cultures and gender identity is a fundamental trait that we use to identify with those characters.  She went on to explain how we can learn from fairy tale characters and use their traits in our own lives to cope with challengers at work and at home.  These challenges might include a job loss, survivor’s guilt, health issues, or being “dumped” or marginalized by others.  She encouraged us to be our own fairy tale characters by not waiting for things to be done for you: take the responsibility to do things yourself or, preferably, with others in order to achieve success!

We ended the evening with a Q&A session and group discussion about various modern fairy tale characters (TV and movie celebrities, high-profile CEOs, musicians, etc), how we might use a fairy tale trait to solve work-related problems, and how our culture differs from others in its valuation of women in business and politics.  Cary said she would consider incorporating some of our feedback and discussion in her new book, a sequel to Cinderella to CEO!

Dallas SWE Members and guests enjoy Cary Broussard's presentation at Abbot Diagnostics

Dallas SWE Members and guests enjoy Cary Broussard’s discussion at Abbot Diagnostics

Cary graciously provided several resources that she mentioned during her presentation where people can find more information about her and the research she used for her books.  You can find links to these documents below:

Many thanks to Cary Broussard for sharing her insights, to Dallas SWE Vice President Barbara Read for coordinating this event, and to the fine people of Abbot Diagnostics for hosting our meeting!  

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