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In our January email, you may have seen a special offer from Sundance Selects available only to Dallas SWE members: a raffle drawing for two tickets to a screening of the movie 45 Years. Thanks to everyone who signed up to be a part of the raffle drawing. The winner was Dallas SWE member Amber Scheurer! Here’s what she had to say about the film:

I enjoyed seeing 45 Years. It was a very subtle yet emotional film about relationships and aging. Charlotte Rampling gave a great performance and definitely deserves her Oscar nomination for best actress. I set a goal to see all 8 of the Oscar Best Picture nominees, but I have also tried to make time to see some of the other movies nominated this season. I might have missed this one if not for Sundance Selects, thanks for the free tickets!

-Amber Scheurer

Stay tuned for more opportunities like this one, available only to our Dallas SWE members!

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