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Last weekend, Dalals SWE members Alicia Morgan and Kim Concillado teamed up with Illuminate STEM and Women of AT&T for Self eSTEM, an all morning event building confidence in local 6th-12th graders to pursue their passion in science, technology, engineering and math. The program director, Awonu Lekia, led the yilluminatestemoung ladies in ice breakers and introspective questions before breaking them up into small groups. 
Each table rotation focused on a unique facet of STEM: from coding their names in binary using beads, designing the furthest-flying paper airplane, using teamwork and leadership to build a structure, and even powering an LED with lemons! The day concluded with a panel of real engineers answering questions and describing their daily life. Alicia and Kim had a lot of fun giving out “Future Engineer” buttons and answered questions from students ranging from, “What superpower do you wish you had?” to, “What is your favorite part of being an engineer?”

Illuminate STEM’s chair Terrence Southern announced this would be only the first to come of this event, so look out for it next year!


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