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2015 11 06 Lennox Dallas SWE

Zaineb Ahmand, Dallas SWE VP of Membership, talks about her experiences in SWE to Lennox employees.

On November 6, Dallas SWE held a SWE Lunch and Learn at Lennox International’s engineering facility in Carrollton! We had a good group, SWE members spread out and helped field questions from our new members. Questions and conversations included:

  • What is the time commitment involved in volunteering for leadership positions? Short answer: as much time as you’re willing to put into it!
  • What goes on at Young Member Brunches? Networking, making new friends, enjoying casual engineering conversations and tasty food.
  • Why did you get involved in SWE? Seasoned members enjoy networking/social, outreach, and leadership opportunities in SWE. New members signed up to get involved in these various capacities depending on their current career and personal needs!
  • What goes into the application and selection process for regional and national awards? This varies per award, but generally awards include a weighted evaluation of technical, SWE, and community leadership accomplishments. Everyone likes to be recognized for their hard work: SWE awards are one way to do so!

We are so pleased about our new partnership with Lennox and anticipate many of their employees joining us at our upcoming events, especially the Holiday Social Lennox will sponsor on December 15! Their enthusiasm is contagious!

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