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Katherine Bock was the featured speaker for the Dallas SWE had their April Professional Development meet up at Coffee House April 18, 2017. Katherine focused on ways we limit ourselves in her presentation entitled “Get Out of Your Own Way to Create More Success, Balance and Meaning in Your Life and Career.” Attendees went through 3 interactive exercises together using worksheets provided by her. The initial exercise focused on ways we may remove personal responsibility through a practice of blaming circumstances or others for having no choices. We may make judgments that limit collaborations or acceptance of new opportunities. Through an evaluation of a personal happiness index in personal and professional aspects, attendees honed in on one area that they would commit to changing. They made a commitment to someone they did not know to send a note to encourage continued progress.  Dallas SWE sincerely appreciated this insightful experience. The discussions were animated and many felt elated at the opportunity to grow and progress in personal and professional ways.

~ Nandika D’Souza, PhD, Dallas SWE FY17 Executive Vice President

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